Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

ependymoma clinical trials

Current Ependymoma Clinical Trials

The CERN Foundation launched three separate ependymoma clinical trials – two for adult patients and one for pediatric patients.

Our hope in these trials, and in all of our work, is to collect critical data that will advance the treatment of ependymoma.

ependymoma clinical trials  Pediatric Trials

There are two pediatric clinical trials for ependymoma, both now closed to accrual. The CERN Foundation is in the process of launching our next pediatric clinical trial. Participating sites will begin accruing patients across the CERN network in the coming months.

ependymoma clinical trials Adult Trials

There are two adult clinical trials for ependymoma, sponsored by the CERN Foundation, one trial is open and one is closed to accrual.

Basics About Clinical Trials

To make the best treatment decisions, patients need to understand all of their treatment options – including the availability of clinical trials to treat their disease.