CERN Community

CERN Community

The CERN Foundation is a collaborative network with a commitment to connecting patients and caregivers – in addition to medical providers – who deal with ependymoma. This section of our site is dedicated to helping anyone affected by ependymoma connect with the foundation through patient stories and, perhaps most importantly, each other.

Ependymoma Awareness Day

cern community

This annual event creates awareness about this rare disease through a butterfly release, proclamations, and outreach.

Awareness Day

CERN Inspiration

cern community

Read about other patients and caregivers’ experiences with ependymoma diagnosis, treatment and survival. You can also submit your own stories, poems, or articles. We encourage you to share your personal journey with ependymoma.

Inspirational Stories

Ependymoma Outcomes Project

ependymoma collaborative network

Any patient with ependymoma is welcomed to participate. The ultimate goal of the survey is ensuring a uniformly high standard of care and improving our understanding issues faced by patients with ependymoma.

Ependymoma Outcomes Project

Get Involved

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Interested in finding ways you can become actively involved in the CERN Foundation?

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CERN FAQ From the Website

Your questions answered. The CERN Foundation welcomes questions about ependymoma and will do our best to answer quickly and honestly.


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