CERN Spotlight Projects

CERN Spotlight Projects

What are we learning and how are we advancing?

As part of our on-going efforts to meet the informational needs and expectations of the patients, caregivers and medical staff who visit our website, we are constantly reaching out to the ependymoma community to find out what more we can do to help educate those individuals affected by ependymoma.

The most frequently asked questions addressed to our team are:

  • What new things have we learned through our research?
  • What progress are we making in the area of drug development and treatment options?
  • How are patients responding to our Clinical Trials? What trials are available?
  • What are we learning with regard to improving quality of life for patients diagnosed with an ependymoma?
  • What are our hopes and goals for the future of the CERN Foundation?

To address these questions, the CERN Foundation will now be posting progress updates on our website. On a rotating basis, we will sit down with each of the Project Leaders from the five CERN Projects with the intention of including you on our journey as we discover new research and treatment options, launch new clinical trials and help to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Project II: Tumor Profiling and Pathology (Posted May, 2013)


Dr. Kenneth Aldape, Tumor Profiling and Pathology Project Leader and Dr. Terri Armstrong, co-leader of the CERN Tissue Correlative Study, share what they have accomplished thus far, as well as their hopes for the future of Project II.


Project III:  Developmental Therapeutics (Posted August, 2013)

Richard Gilbertson

Under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Richard Gilbertson, Co-Principal Investigator of the CERN Foundation and head of our pediatric research efforts, the Project III: Developmental Therapeutics Team has already generated a vast amount of knowledge that is paving the path for a better treatment and cure for ependymoma.


Project IV: Tumor Laboratory Models (Posted January, 2014)

GilbertsonProject IV, led by Dr. Richard Gilbertson, continues their efforts on the creation and development of extremely accurate tumor laboratory models.  Our researchers can tell whether we are correct in understanding what cell type generated the tumor and what mutations or copy number changes were in play during the development of the tumor.


Project V: Awareness, Outreach and Outcomes (Posted May, 2014)

Chas HaynesWe met with Charles Haynes, the Executive Director of the CERN Foundation, and Dr. Terri Armstrong, Editor in Chief of the new CERN Foundation Resource Guide and head of the Ependymoma Outcomes Project, both of whom are responsible for leading Project V. Our mission of Project V is to improve our understanding of the impact of an ependymoma diagnosis and treatment, on patients, their families and the community at large.