Care During Recurrence

Care During Recurrence

Caring for yourself and your family during a brain tumor recurrence.

Learning of a brain tumor recurrence can be just as devastating as your original diagnosis. Numerous factors, such as age, the amount of the tumor left in the brain and whether or not the tumor has spread, all have an effect on survival.

The fear of going back to surgery and the thought of needing more treatment can be overwhelming, and balancing a positive attitude with your prognosis is a daily challenge. However, remember that new therapies and treatment methods might now be available that were not on the market for your first diagnosis. These therapies can bring new hope during a brain tumor recurrence. Some brain tumor patients manage their disease for years with multiple surgeries and therapies.

Talk with your family and friends about your feelings. Opening the door for conversation will help them to share their feelings as well. Make sure to help yourself and those close to you understand that a brain tumor recurrence is not the end of your fight against cancer. There are numerous organizations dedicated to helping brain tumor patients with all aspects of life. The CERN Foundation encourages you to contact these experts when further information about living and coping with a brain tumor is needed.  The list below is a great place to start:

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