Bruce B.

Five Pieces of Advice

bruce blount

Name:  Bruce B.
Hometown:  Richmond, VA
Type of Cancer:  Ependymoma
Diagnosed:  1995


Hello, my name is Bruce, a survivor of adult ependymoma since 1995. January 27, 2016 will mark 21 years since my initial surgery! I was treated by a nearly complete surgery, and radiation. Since that time, I have suffered no recurrence (thank God!). I have accomplished many, many things in the brain tumor world – yet none of that is as important as this: HOPE.

Bruce BlountwebI have some advice, if you would like it…

  1. Seek out THE BEST tumor center you can find – it is a FACT better centers have better results.
  2. Learn all you can about these things – you MUST regain some control, and knowledge IS power.
  3. Keep your chin up – a diagnosis of a brain tumor DOES NOT equate to a death sentence.  I know of one lady who had her craniotomy before I was even born – and I’m OLD!
  4. Keep smiling – it may not prolong life, but it will make what you have much more enjoyable!
  5. Find a support group, whether you are a survivor, a caregiver, a family member, or an interested person.  Support groups can help you find ALL of the above things.

Remember – it is not how long you live, it’s how WELL you live!

Your life is different now – not necessarily worse, just different.

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