Questions to Ask When Treatment Ends

Questions to Ask When Ependymoma Treatment Ends

To prepare for survivorship, the Institute of Medicine recommends you ask the following questions when your ependymoma treatment ends:

  • What physical problems will I likely experience as a result of my ependymoma treatments?
  • What can I do to relieve the pain and other problems after ependymoma treatment?
  • Am I at greater risk for developing other cancers as a result of my illness or ependymoma treatment?
  • How likely is my ependymoma to return and is there anything I can do to prevent or delay recurrence?
  • What specific tests will I get to monitor and screen for ependymoma recurrence or new cancers, and how often will I get these tests?
  • For these screening and recurrence tests, what are my diagnostic options and the advantages/disadvantages of each?
  • How often will I go for follow-up visits?
  • What can I do to maintain my health and well-being?
  • Who will be responsible for monitoring my care now that I have finished my ependymoma treatment?
  • Do I need genetic counseling to determine if my ependymoma is hereditary so I can alert my family and to find out if I am at increased risk for other cancers?
  • What supportive services do you recommend?

If you have any questions about planning for post-treatment please contact us.

Source: PinnacleCare