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CERN Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Learn about current CERN Foundation clinical trials and our work to find new treatments through ependymoma research.

About CERN

CERN Centers

The CERN Foundation is comprised of top research facilities across the world. Leading scientists and clinicians have united to help those with ependymoma by contributing data that has never before been collected and analyzed on such a large scale. CERN Foundation-sponsored clinical trials can be accessed at any of these centers. Each center has at least one CERN team member on site.

The CERN Team

The CERN Foundation is comprised of a dedicated group of scientists and adult and pediatric neuro-oncologists working to find new treatments for ependymoma, a type of brain tumor.

Mission and Values

The mission of the CERN Foundation is to develop new treatments for ependymoma, improve the outcomes and care of patients, ultimately leading to a cure.

Projects and Collaboration

CERN Members participate in one or more of the following five projects. The combination of pediatric and adult scientists and clinicians working in conjunction with each other to leverage key leanings is revolutionary in this field.

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Do you want to communicate with a CERN Researcher? Contact us and be sure to select Medical provider as your role so that we can connect you with a CERN Member who can answer your questions.

CERN Research

Publications and Research

CERN Members are constantly publishing and sharing new research. Stay informed with these recently published studies on ependymoma from CERN Members and other outside research initiatives.

CERN Projects

Update on our five projects with the intention of including you on our journey as we discover new research and treatment options, launch new clinical trials and help to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.