Ependymoma Treatment Options

Numerous factors are considered when deciding on your ependymoma treatment options, including the brain tumor location and grade, and treatment plans are different for children and adults. Children are unable to tolerate the same treatments as adults because of their developing bodies, for that reason treatment for adults and treatment for pediatric patients may be very different.

Your specific treatment plan can only be determined by your physician, and if seeking a second opinion, it is not uncommon for two physicians to have different ependymoma treatment plans in mind. Therefore, it is important for you to understand all options and possible side effects so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Some patients choose treatment based on hospital location, but try not to limit your initial search based on this factor. Often, patients will undergo surgery at one facility and after receiving diagnosis, will seek treatment at a different facility. See our list of CERN Centers to see if there is a CERN Member at a location near you.

To make the best treatment decisions, patients need to understand all of their treatment options, which may include the potential availability of clinical trials to treat their disease. Learn about the basics of participating in a clinical trial. Read about our clinical trials on ependymoma to see if you qualify. If your physician has not discussed this option with you, we encourage you to ask further questions.

Partnering with your medical team is an important part of beginning your treatment path and determining your personal plan. Knowing what to ask your doctor and what questions to ask about treatment are the first steps in your journey through treatment. This section of our site is dedicated to providing you with information about Ependymoma treatment.